About The Claivoyant Circle

Say Hello to Our Team of Gifted Psychics.

Alex Mason Psychic

Alex Mason

Born on Scotland's Isle of Skye, Alex was orphaned at the age of three, which he believes, may have been the cause of his psychic gift.
Brought up by his elderly grandparents, Alex soon discovered he had true ability and has helped many people find answers in their lives.
"Helping other people, helps me stay grounded." Alex said "It is so gratifying to receive an email saying how accurate a reading is and how it's helped someone find a direction."


Sunni Mahesh Clairvoyant

Sunni Mahesh

Born in Dharamsala, India (the current home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama), Sunni can trace his psychic roots back five generations.
"I have always had a psychic gift, just like my mother & my grandfather before me."
Sunni met Alex and Annabelle when they visited India & they became good friends.
"We knew that very day that we should join together as a force for good. We knew that if we helped other people they would help us, it's the way the universe works."


Annabelle Croft Psychic

Annabelle Croft

Born on Ireland's, Galway West Coast, Annabelle developed her clairvoyant gift in her early teens.
"As a child I always felt different." Annabelle said "But it was in my teenage years that my life changed forever."
"Because of my gift I felt truly alone.  Then a friend of mine introduced me to a psychic they knew in London, that psychic was Alex and we have been best friends ever since"
"Alex helped me develop my gift and taught me that helping others was our purpose in life."